Depths of Savage Atoll - 3D Printable Tabletop Models

Created by Evan Carothers

3D printable files from EC3D, including the most recent Kickstarter "Depths of Savage Atoll", and past Kickstarters. **NOTE** - File delivery for all late pledges will begin mid/late week Jun 26, 1019

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Ending in 3 Days: Empire of Scorching Sands + Upcoming Projects
about 2 months ago – Sun, Feb 02, 2020 at 07:53:28 PM

Hey folks! Just wanted to post a quick update to previous backers to let you all know that my newest project, Empire of Scorching Sands, is ending in just 3 days! It's desert/Persian/Arabian/Egyptian themed and has a full collection of support-free minis, terrain, scatter and props for all your magical far-eastern adventures.

From snake-people assassins, to magic carpets, elemental djinn, dancing girls, and more - I tried to put together a very fun set that will print/paint easy and look great on the table - with an affordable price tag! If you are interested, an want to support further EC3D projects, take a look here:

Upcoming Project - "The Ignis Quadrant"

Launching shortly after Empire of Scorching Sands, a new scifi project is coming hot! Similar to my last few campaigns, it will include support-free minis, vehicles, and lots of terrain/scatter. Perfect for any scifi or cyberpunk RPG or wargamer! I have been sharing lots of previews on the EC3D Facebook ,so be sure to follow to stay up to date!

If you have any interesting ideas or models you would like to see in the project, as usual just shoot me a note or comment!

A new Project - Community (Treasure)Chest, Tabletop Gaming for the Greater Good!
5 months ago – Fri, Nov 08, 2019 at 09:01:07 PM

Hello there! I just launched a brand new series that attempts to combine the best parts of patreon/kickstarter, charitable giving, and more. It's called "Community (Treasure)Chest" and uses a pay-what-you-can model ($2 minimum) for a set of support-free minis, props, terrain, and even an intro comic. 40% of funds raised go to charity, and you get the files immediately. Plus, there's a bunch of stretch goals!

If you're interested, take a look here:

All files are finished + New KS live now!
7 months ago – Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 05:46:46 PM


Many of you asked to be notified when all files are finished, and this is that notification. I *JUST* uploaded the files for the Devil's Scorn galley, which marks the conclusion for all files! There have been some updates/repairs of some other files but all known outstanding issues are resolved. 

My apologies for the delay on the Devil's Scorn - it was substantially more difficult/complex to finalize and fix print issues than I expected and test printing (due to printer issues) took longer than I hoped too. Hope you all enjoy it though, it's a beast! I designed it in such a way that the rigging san easily get added/removed but sits in place, and the sails/masts and top can come off easily.

Here it is printed and thrown together with primer and ZERO cleanup:

New Kickstarter Now Live!

I just launched a new campaign that's very exciting - it's themed to arctic/tundra/frozen ice and is designed for 100% support-free printing (including the minis!). It's smaller in scope than Depths of Savage Atoll, but still has tons of content and is priced affordably @ $25 all in! It includes such stuff as winter wolves, yetis, armored bears, ruins, ice hunters + their terrain, and lots more!

You can take a look at it RIGHT HERE now!

File Status + Other Happenings
8 months ago – Fri, Aug 02, 2019 at 06:48:59 PM

File Updates

Hope all is well folks! Sorry if this update is overdue, I've been chugging away getting everything squared away and focusing on finalizing all the models. There have been a few small file errors and things I missed in the dropbox upload (that's what happens when you have 400+ files to manage!). I've been seeing LOTS of awesome prints in the campaign Facebook Group (check it out if you haven't yet!).

Just today I uploaded the shipwreck and undead galley - those larger models take a long time to go from cool looking render to manifold, sliced, keyed, tested, and support-optimized! I took some extra time to add additional details and flair to the undead galley too. At this point every single file, except the large ship (Devil's Scorn) has been delivered! I'm about 50% done with the work needed for the last galley, but expect that soon - it's the crown jewel of the campaign and I'm very excited to get it finished!

If you have any questions/comments/etc you can always message me on Kickstarter or FB, or email , and be sure to Follow me on FB for updates on my upcoming "Wilds of Wintertide" arctic/tundra campaign!

OpenForge Temple "Place of Power" + DungeonSticks

If you aren't familiar with OpenForge, it's an awesome project started by Devon Jones. I joined him about 1.5 yrs ago and we put out a couple awesome model sets each month. It's Patreon backed but all the files end up on Thingiverse. I just did a "place of power" release (a series I have been doing) of a jungle temple that fits right at home with all the Savage Atoll jungle stuff. You can download it for free right now HERE

Devon also recently did a set of his "dungeon stone" dungeon tiles as DungeonSticks, which are fully compatible with the templates I released a while ago. Check em out HERE

The Lost Adventures

I'm sure many of you know my good friend Danny (aka 3D Printed Tabletop) - he does TONS of great videos on various 3D printing / tabletop gaming topics and you should check him out on YouTube if you haven't already. 

He just launched a super cool new campaign called "The Lost Adventures", where he and his team combine adventures, maps, and awesome 3D models into one pretty package. It's gonna be an ultra fun, community interactive KS campaign and I highly encourage you to get on board if you can! Plus, I'll be doing some fun stuff to help out during the campaign including some cool props for your games, like this Owlbear Claw - CHECK IT OUT!

Gettin them Files!
9 months ago – Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 01:47:55 AM

Files have been delivered as of last night, but I have multiple reports of folks not getting emails from BackerKit. I think BackerKit is bit backed up (pun intended) - regardless of if you have received any emails, you CAN get the files now by logging into your BackerKit account at

Remember, I don't recommend downloading the whole set yet since it's in flux as models are added/updated, but rather cherry-pick what you want. You should start at the GOOGLE DOC first.

Mystic Realms Coupon

There was some confusion with the coupon during the campaign, so my friends @ Mystic Realm generously offered another coupon!

Code 50% off everything accept Undergrowth: SavageAtoll_KS

Code 30% off for Undergrowth: Savage_Undergrowth_30

Codes are for their webstore at and are valid until July 7!

And I leave you with this.... 

teaser of the final sculpt of the medium sized boat "The Maiden's Gambit!" which should be available early/mid next week